Brit (designingdreams) wrote in whiteinktattoos,

New white ink.

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This is gorgeous! (I've seen this posted before, but for some weird reason I didn't comment on it.) Is it fully healed?
yep, it is now.
That looks incredible. Is it shaded with another ink? It just pops out so wonderfully.
Yep, shaded with what my artist called 'fleshtone'. I originally didn't want any shading but I'm so happy he talked me into it!
Yes, it really sets the entire thing off!
dude that's really wicked :)
it's so pretty *A*

did it start to fade? D:

and advice? i'm thinking of getting a white ink tattoo.
Thanks! I've had it over a year now and no fading. I had it touched up once, but just to darken the shadow and fix a little part that didn't get inked solid the first time.

Honestly, I adore everything about this tattoo and I wouldn't change it at all!